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Illusion of Price Controls

There is a nice article in the China Daily on government's efforts to establish price controls to keep natural gas prices in check. The problem - rising prices of liquefied natural gas.  The solution - introduce the legislation strengthening price controls.  The result - ...government efforts h...

Ineffective Public Projects

This week Sudan is hosting the African Union Summit. The African Union is a regional effort to bring together the resources of African nations to combat poverty and help African economies join the global economy.  It looks like Sudan has been preparing for the summit, clearing the streets of the i...

Grant-Eating Organizations (Part 2 of 2)

(the first part can be found here)  The lesson for international donors is not that they should disappear, but that they should present partnership opportunities only when they are certain that local demand is driving an initiative. A lesson can be drawn from social research, such that a researcher...

Grant-Eating Organizations (Part 1 of 2)

In a recent Washington Post article titled, "Reforming Foreign Assistance" it was stated that, "reliance on U.S. organizations undermined poor countries' sense of ownership of their development programs, damaging the long-term struggle to foster self-sufficiency." The same point can be made on the m...

Who Is More Productive? And Why?

Asian economies and the E.U. newcomers are becoming more efficient and higher efficiency is translating into higher incomes, with China and Poland leading the way, according to the new Conference Board survey, reports the Financial Times. The strong performance of China and other Asian economies in...

The Sins of Wages

Alex beat me to the punch slightly with his post earlier today, but here’s more interesting information on China.    As Alex indicates in his post, productivity in China is growing by leaps and bounds.  However, the economy also has many problems, exacerbated by the Chinese government̵...

Fed Up With Corruption

There is a serious crisis brewing in Mongolia.  The government has resigned last week, amid a growing citizen discontent with country’s poor economic performance – low incomes, high unemployment, etc.  People in Mongolia are also fed up with corruption. “Dawn has broken in Mon...

Gazprom: Investors Wanted

Russian natural monopoly Gazprom is making the headlines again - but this time its not the Russia-Ukraine-EU oil "crisis."  This week, Gazprom opened its doors to foreign investors.  The result?  It now surpassed Wal-Mart and Procter and Gamble to become one of the world's 10 largest companies. ...

Tools to Fight Corruption

The U.N. Convention Against Corruption has now entered into force as a result of 38 countries ratifying the convention out of the 140 that have signed the treaty. The Convention, which was adopted by the U.N.'s General Assembly in October 2003 is built on four pillars of prevention and criminalizati...

Evolving Corporate Governance in China

Since the late 1980s, China's state-owned enterprises (SOEs) have been undergoing a gradual process of transformation and privatization known as gaizhi. The government has reduced its share in smaller SOEs to as little as 10%. It has also introduced new governance mechanisms for both privatized and ...
3001 Items