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A Vision of a More Attractive Africa

Quote of the day comes from the Secretary-General of the U.N. Kofi Annan.  As he notes in the latest issue (2006 #3) of the Compact Quarterly, a newsletter of the U.N. Global Compact:  ...it is the absence of broad-based business activity, not its presence, that condemns much of humanity to suffer...

Failed States: Winners, Losers, and Those in Between

If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out Foreign Policy’s failed states index. Particularly interesting is the link between corruption and instability: This year’s index shows a strong correlation between Transparency International’s perception of corruption scores and a s...

An Unlikely Advocate for Free Markets in Africa?

It seems that these days everyone is ready to voice their opinion on what's going on with poverty reduction efforts in Africa, with viewpoints fluctuating between the extremes of doubling or tripling or any other "ing" aid and abandoning aid altogether in favor of purely market solutions to povert...

Democracy Has Spoken! Or Not Yet?

Earlier, I wrote about efforts in Nigeria to change the constitution to allow the president run for a third consecutive term.  Well, today, the Nigerian Senate blocked the proposal, and it seems like the country is set for a first peaceful change of governments: Obasanjo’s supporters did not...

What Good is a Constitution…

…if you can change it at will? I’ve been thinking for a while whether to write about the ongoing debate in Nigeria on changing the country’s constitution to allow President Obasanjo run for a third term.  Here is what supporters of the move have to say: “There are three rea...

CIPE in Sudan

A chance to work with the recently created South Sudan Chamber of Commerce took me to Sudan for my first visit, and, I believe, CIPE's first visit as well.  A truly unique country with sights and sounds unimaginable.  Only less than two years out of Civil War and enjoying nearly world-wide approva...

Shock Altruism

Over the past few months, and most recently in the Washington Post, there have been a variety of articles about the Millenium Village Project.  Created and carried out by Jeffrey Sachs and the Earth Institute at Columbia University, the Millenium Village Project attempts to provide destitute villag...

Food Aid or Food Aids?

Check out this interview (part 1 and part 2) with Michael Maren in "The African Executive," a magazine published by CIPE partner Inter Region Economic Network (IREN).  Michael Maren has some strong statements in the interview, but it all comes down to one thing - his major argument seems to be t...

Media Group in Kenya Raided

Heavily armed and masked police commandos smashed printing presses and seized transmission equipment Thursday in raids on Kenya's second-largest media company, while three reporters were charged with creating public alarm in what officials said was a national security case... The raid is linked to t...

Elections in South Africa

The disparities between South Africa's mainly middle-class beneficiaries of economic transformation and their less well-off countrymen has been brought into focus during the run-up to local government elections on 1 March. Sporadic violent protest against the slow pace of service delivery across th...
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