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A Social Protection Plan for Latin America?

The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL) announced yesterday in a press release that a Social Protection Plan will be unveiled on March 22, 2006 during the 31st meeting of the Commission in Montevideo, Uruguay. According to CEPAL, only four out of every ten ...

Two Ways of Dealing With Free Trade

Indigenous groups in Ecuador are standing firm against the proposed free trade agreement with the United States.  Indians in Ecuador fear that the free trade agreement, when signed, will threaten their culture and wipe out their agricultural industry.  Reports Reuters: Indian protesters are dema...

Cheap Food in Venezuela

Food is cheap in Venezuela and some people even get it for free.  Its made possible through government established price controls.  Price controls were established a few years ago to safeguard the poor, but it seems that now they are achieving just the opposite - they are hurting, not helping th...

From Gang Members to Business Owners?

Did the title catch your eye?  Is it possible to turn the source of social unrest and instability into business people who contribute to the development of their countries, not stifle private enterprise?  See a full story via the PSD Blog....

Informality in Guatemala: A Growing Problem

The National Economic Research Center (CIEN) released some initial findings of its CIPE sponsored informal sector project this past week. According to their research, 75% of the economically active population in Guatemala is employed in the informal sector. This makes Guatemala the country with the ...

New President for Haiti

After much fanfare that a clean election had taken place in Haiti last weekend, social turmoil ensued as presidential aspirant, Rene Preval, appeared unable to win the election in the first round. Yesterday, the Haitian electoral council voted 7 to 2 to disqualify more than 80,000 blank ballots that...

Brazil and Argentina Regulate Trade

Last week, two members of Mercosur, Brazil and Argentina, reached a landmark trade agreement, hailed by the governments of both countries.  But if you think the agreement is supporting free trade between the two countries - afterall, free trade is what Mercosur is all about - think again.  How ab...

Components of Progress

In this op-ed, Marifeli Perez-Stable of the Inter-American Dialogue links markets, democracies, and progress in a very simple equation - "Democracy+Market Economy=Progress."  Despite strong anti-market sentiments in countries like Bolivia and Venezuela, it seems that many other countries in the re...

Debt Free?

Argentina repaid its IMF debt today, digging into its Central Bank reserves to come up with the money.  A good review of news stories on this is available on the World Bank's website. There are conflicting opinions out there.  Some say this move is a signal that things are improving in Latin Amer...

Ethical Standards Matter

There is an interesting article on BBC News that talks about issues of underemployment, informal sector, and corruption in Brazil. Words of Kroll Brasil (Brazilian risk consulting company) managing director Eduardo de Freitas Gomide are particularly interesting: “The companies that pay bribes ...
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