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Why Trade Facilitation Matters – A Real Case Example

On February 22, 2017, the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) entered into force. While much has been written about the importance of this agreement, when talking about trade, too often economists and policy wonks resort to abstract language and vague terminology th...

Democracy That Delivers #171: Why Trade Matters with Jose Raul Perales

09.17.2019 |
In this week’s Democracy That Delivers, we are joined by José Raúl Perales, Deputy Director of the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (GATF) at CIPE. Perales and host Ken Jaques discuss the beginnings of GATF’s work with CIPE, and how trade and the private sector can work better t...

Digital Identity Paves the Way to Financial Inclusion for Refugees

Drive an hour northeast of Jordan’s capital city of Amman towards the Syrian border, and you’ll see white tents start to become visible, sprawling amongst the dry and arid desert. Enter the gates of Zaatari camp and the vibrant life of this Syrian refugee city surrounds you. Children race by, t...

Democracy That Delivers #170: A Discussion on Infrastructure with Gyude Moore

09.04.2019 |
“You need an infrastructure spine to build an economy,” says guest Gyude Moore in this week’s episode of Democracy That Delivers. Gyude Moore is a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Global Development, and former Minister of Public Works for Liberia. He joins Ryan Musser, Program O...

Democracy That Delivers #169: The CAMP Matrix with Rick O’Sullivan

08.20.2019 |
Rick O’ Sullivan joins host Ken Jaques and co-host Ryan Musser to continue their conversation about collective governance. During this session, they discuss the CAMP Matrix and its significance in explaining and understanding associations. Associations are not just about members. Members are ...

Democracy That Delivers #168: When Governance is Not Government

08.14.2019 |
This week on Democracy That Delivers, we are joined by Rick O’Sullivan, who joined us for episode #157 of DTD. This podcast continues the conversation with co-host Ryan Musser, and host Ken Jaques. They examine the importance of civil society taking an active role in governing and not just ad...

Women’s Economic Participation in Jordan

  Jordan has made great strides toward gender equality, especially with an education system that ensures equal access for men and women. As a result, Jordan has a highly educated female population. According to Jordan’s Department of Statistics, 93 percent of females aged 15 years and older ...
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