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Heightened Tensions in the Taiwan Strait Force Companies to Recalculate Risks

For decades companies worldwide benefited from the stability and predictability of the Asia-Pacific region, which enabled them to make wise investment and business decisions. Yet recent events, particularly U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent trip to Taiwan, underscore growing regional politi...

An Example from Colombia Highlights the Importance of Trade Facilitation

For a long time, if you were a company that imports or exports to other countries and had questions about your goods, chances were that you would not receive an answer until your shipment reached the border. If that question was not simple but complex, it would typically take 3-4 months for you to ...

De-programming International Aid for Trade

It is foolish is to repeat the same thing expecting a different result. The WTO TFA agreement took a pragmatic approach in delineating each State Party obligation under three different categories of commitment. The last category, Category C commitments, is the list of TFA mandates countries have sou...

Democracy that Delivers #309: Emerging Leaders in Trade

02.25.2022 |
Two guests from the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (GATF) join Democracy that Delivers to discuss their work. GATF is led jointly by CIPE, the International Chamber of Commerce, and the World Economic Forum in cooperation with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit. ...

Democracy that Delivers #308: The Cost of Business in Emerging Markets

02.22.2022 |
Stephen Renna, Senior Managing Director, Global Strategies & Solutions at Ankura, joins CIPE’s Democracy that Delivers podcast to discuss the challenges of doing business in emerging markets. He tells co-hosts Marc Schleifer and Laura Farhang that American companies that want to operate ...

Putting the Trade Pieces Together in Africa

I have always imagined Africa as a quilt made up of different borders. Straight and squiggly lines sown together, a legacy of colonialism. I think about this both in a historical and theoretical sense. My quilt analogy is apt because with trade, Africa is currently putting together the pieces that w...
Do Free Trade Zones Stimulate Entrepreneurship? | 10:00 AM ET, Monday, February 28, 2022

CIPE Unveils New Webinar Series: Research Unbound

The Policy & Program Learning team is excited to announce our new webinar series, Research Unbound.   In 2021, CIPE launched a new applied research initiative to engage business leaders in emerging democracies with actionable knowledge on policy solutions for democratic free-market systems.  ...

An Economic Opportunity in Nigeria

Women in Nigeria come home from roadside stalls, community markets and other informal work with small baskets of money. In October, I was in West Africa engaged in dialogues about how to help women access credit to buy their own properties. During lunch, a colleague shared an anecdote about how he r...

Steps to Make International Trade More Efficient

Customers everywhere are complaining about empty shelves, while retailers explain that supply chains are tangled or broken. Yet there are ways that government and private sector could work together to improve the situation. For example, by making cross border trade simpler by reducing the paperwork ...

The Customs Broker as Trade Facilitator

As a business, taking the first leap into importing or exporting can be daunting. One must locate an appropriate market to buy or sell, forge business relationships in that country, navigate cost negotiations and purchasing terms. The list goes on. Though some of these aspects may feel similar to th...
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