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Working towards Peace in Conflict and Post-Conflict Regions

Every September 21 the United Nations celebrates its International Day of Peace to highlight progress being made towards a more harmonious world.   But while we celebrate, there is no shortage of conflict around the world, and certain countries remain less stable than others. Recently, homicide...

Democracy That Delivers #172: Technical Guidance and Anti-Corruption Reform

  In this episode of Democracy That Delivers, we are joined by Peter Glover, Associate program Officer of CIPE’s Anti-Corruption and Governance Center, and special guest Schuyler Miller. Miller recently returned from Trinity College in Dublin, where he completed coursework for his Master...

Democracy That Delivers #170: A Discussion on Infrastructure with Gyude Moore

09.04.2019 |
“You need an infrastructure spine to build an economy,” says guest Gyude Moore in this week’s episode of Democracy That Delivers. Gyude Moore is a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Global Development, and former Minister of Public Works for Liberia. He joins Ryan Musser, Program O...

Democracy That Delivers #168: When Governance is Not Government

08.14.2019 |
This week on Democracy That Delivers, we are joined by Rick O’Sullivan, who joined us for episode #157 of DTD. This podcast continues the conversation with co-host Ryan Musser, and host Ken Jaques. They examine the importance of civil society taking an active role in governing and not just ad...

Democracy That Delivers #166: Ali Ayadi on CIPE’s Work in Tunisia

07.30.2019 |
We are joined by Ali Ayadi, CIPE’s Country Representative in Tunisia, to discuss the changing social, political and economic environment of the country. He and host Ken Jaques begin by discussing the recent passing of the late President of Tunisia, Beji Caid Essebsi. Ayadi then discusses some of ...

Democracy That Delivers #164: Eric Olander of the China Africa Project

07.17.2019 |
  This week on Democracy That Delivers, our host is Lars Benson, Regional Director of Africa for CIPE. We are joined by co-host Ryan Musser, Program Officer for Africa at CIPE, and Eric Olander, the founder of the China Africa Project (CAP). CAP is an independent, non-partisan media initiative...

Democracy That Delivers #156: Alison Taylor from BSR on Stakeholder Engagement

05.14.2019 |
“Good sustainability performance means good financial performance,” says Alison Taylor. Alison Taylor, Managing Director for Sustainability Management at BSR, joins us on Democracy That Delivers to discuss what business for social responsibility is, with CIPE’s Anti-Corruption Governance Cent...
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