A Canvas for Anti-Corruption: Sudan’s Artists and the Importance of Messaging

Each artist came to the project with an established art portfolio and a history of activism – more of this artist’s work can be seen on his social media – @flyoking

In combating corruption, governments, activists, and other anti-corruption practitioners must hone their messaging effectively to rally support and resources to the cause. Traditional anti-corruption messaging efforts, which range from billboards to government announcements, risk being ineffective or even counterproductive — reinforcing in the minds of communities that corruption is rampant and impossible to address. Anti-corruption messaging thus serves a crucial purpose but can easily fall short of its goals. As such, alternative strategies and tactics need to be explored. To this end, CIPE has been collaborating with partners in Sudan and Nepal to develop multimedia anti-corruption messaging as part of CIPE’s broader efforts to support strategic communications from grassroots-level activists.

As part of this work, CIPE partnered with a Sudan-based art collective called Contraband, to utilize art pieces — murals, paintings, portraits, and digital art — to convey anti-corruption messaging in Sudan — which has been consumed by armed conflict since April 2023.

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Published Date: February 02, 2024