CIPE’s Global and Knowledge Management programs are designed to develop cross-cutting themes and projects that provide new insights, capture lessons learned from CIPE’s work, share information across regional departments and among CIPE partners, and develop new areas of expertise to shape worldwide debates on the interdependence of democracy and market reform. Global and Knowledge Management programs serve as a crucial resource for CIPE partners and staff while gathering and disseminating valuable institutional knowledge. Global programs and resources bolster CIPE’s overall activities while expanding international outreach and understanding on reform issues. These programs focus on a variety of areas, including anti-corruption, corporate governance, business association development, access to information, women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, and youth engagement. 

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Democracy in Action: Stories from the Field

From shaping the post-2015 Millenium Development Agenda to fighting corrupt

Shaping the New Development Agenda

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  • Deliberations on a new post-2015 development agenda are currently underway. These deliberations are taking into account significant changes to the field of development cooperation since the Millenium Development Goals were established.
  • There are new questions and expectations regarding: development goals, local ownership and capacity for implementation, coherent and effective international support, and appropriate kinds and adequate amounts of financing.
  • A major challenge will be to undertake a transformative shift toward more coherent partnerships that take into account the full array of policies, practices, and financing to accelerate progress toward agreed development goals.

Democracy in Action: Stories from the Field

From strengthening corporate governance in Palestine to building a voice fo

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Pro-democracy reformers and activists are among the most driven and courageous people in the world...

It is only natural that the world of international development would itself develop and change over...


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