October 14, 2013

Weekly Update: Multiregional


CIPE and the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) hold 4th annual National Conference on Collective Action Against Corruption; the Palestine Governance Institute (PGI) holds workshop on good governance; CIPE partner in Kyrgyzstan conducts study tour for economic journalists

Weekly Update: Africa

Kenya – CIPE partner the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) facilitated a roundtable discussion on the Nyeri County budget in conjunction with the Health Rights Advocacy Forum (HERAF). The roundtable was attended by 70 participants representing the Members of the County Assembly, representatives of civil society, government officials, and the private sector. The discussion focused on a presentation on IEA’s analysis of the National Budget and HERAF’s analysis of the county budget.

Weekly Update: Asia

Burma – CIPE's Program Officer for Asia is in Burma this week on a program development trip. CIPE is working to develop programs that focus on protecting property rights, economically empowering disadvantaged communities, and strengthening political and market institutions in the country, whose incipient move away from military dictatorship and centralized economic planning is continuing to progress.

Weekly Update: Eurasia

Moldova – On October 4, Lead Coordinator of the National Business Agenda (NBA) Network and Senior Economist at the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives Tatiana Lariusin took part in the first meeting of the newly-established Economic Council under the Prime Minister’s office. At this high-level meeting, Lariusin discussed the NBA priorities for tax and customs reform, voicing the interests of over 30 business associations and chambers of commerce from across Moldova, who have united under the NBA Network with CIPE support.

Weekly Update: Latin America and the Caribbean

Bolivia – Fundación Milenio released its weekly economic analysis bulletins, featuring an analysis of Bolivia’s national budget for 2013. These economic analysis bulletins form part of CIPE’s and Milenio’s efforts to cultivate a more informed citizenship in the area of economic policy. They are available for download in Spanish on Milenio’s website.

Weekly Update: MENA

Iraq – On October 2, CIPE partner the Assembly of Al-Inbithaq organized the first of a planned series of advocacy sessions for the educational sector based on the Wasit Provincial Business Agenda.

Weekly Update: South Asia

Afghanistan – On October 7, CIPE conducted a training seminar for members of the Economic Commission of the Kabul Provincial Council, as well as members of the provincial working group (comprised of members of the Provincial Council and leaders from local government and business). Participants discussed the informal economy, business advocacy, and the Afghanistan National Business Agenda. CIPE held an additional session with members of the Economic Commission on methods to transform businesses from the informal economy to the formal economy.

October 7, 2013

Weekly Update: Multiregional

KnowHow mentorship program matches five new organizations with mentors; Albanian associations agree to establish National Business Forum; CIPPEC launches online debate series in Argentina

Weekly Update: Africa

Kenya – CIPE’s partners the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) and NGO Chemi Chemi Ya Ukweli held a roundtable meeting in Kilifi County with 14 participants from the executive and legislative branches of government, representatives from the private sector, and civil society organizations.

Weekly Update: South Asia

Afghanistan/Pakistan – This week the board of the Pakistan-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PAJCCI) met in Karachi to discuss a range of issues, including membership development, financial planning, and transition of the PAJCCI presidency from the Pakistan office to the Afghanistan office. The PAJCCI staff reported the organization currently has 237 members in Pakistan and 179 members in Afghanistan.


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