July 22, 2013

Weekly Update: Eurasia

Azerbaijan – From July 4 through 7, CIPE consultant Carmen Stanila facilitated a workshop on advocacy and communications skills for a group of 25 young Azerbaijanis, 13 of whom had recently completed a 10-week course on economic reform issues using CIPE’s Development Institute materials. The workshop was organized by CIPE’s local partner the Entrepreneurship Development Foundation and hosted by the Baku Educational and Information Center.

Weekly Update: Asia

China –In the latest in its biweekly series of policy discussion forums, the Unirule Institute of Economics hosted a discussion on “The Trend of Social and International Standards in China.” The keynote speaker was Professor Yang Fan, who pointed out that modern China lacks social consensus due to different political propositions among citizens. He said voicing personal opinions is important to the advancement of China’s civil society.

Weekly Update: Africa

Cote d’Ivoire – The Federation des Artisans de la Cote d’Ivoire (FEDACI) conducted a two-day workshop for its members in Abidjan to share lessons learned on association management and effective advocacy from CIPE’s recent capacity-building workshops. FEDACI is Cote d’Ivoire’s apex private sector association that represents the interests of the artisanal sector. This especially includes the informal portion of the micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises sector.

Weekly Update: Multiregional


CIPE hosts webinar on public-private dialogue; CIPE partner holds governance boot camp in the Philippines; CIPE partner in Pakistan promotes women’s entrepreneurship and business education for girls

July 1, 2013

Weekly Update: South Asia

Afghanistan CIPE conducted a training seminar on “Principles of Trade Contracts” for 18 members of the lower house of Afghanistan’s Parliament, including several members of the new Parliamentary Business Caucus. Currently, a draft law on trade contracts is being debated in Parliament, and the training session aims to ensure that members of parliament are more informed in considering relevant issues and casting their votes.

Weekly Update: MENA

Egypt – CIPE and the Institute of Corporate Governance, in partnership with the Egyptian Business Development Association, conducted a workshop for family businesses on corporate governance, held in Al Gouna. Twenty-four chairmen and CEOs of family businesses participated in the three-day workshop to discuss benefits of corporate governance for family business, formation of the boards of directors, formation of family assemblies, family councils, and developing family constitutions.

Weekly Update: Latin America and the Caribbean

Bolivia CIPE partner Fundación Milenio released its weekly economic analysis bulletin, featuring an analysis on the impact of the Pensions Law (Law 065) which was enacted in December 2010. These economic analysis bulletins form part of CIPE’s and Milenio’s efforts to cultivate a more informed citizenship in the area of economic policy. They are available for download in Spanish on Milenio’s website.

Weekly Update: Eurasia

Kyrgyzstan The Corporate Governance School (CGS) conducted a seminar on evaluating executive board activities for 13 board members from the telecommunications, aviation, and financial sectors. Participants reviewed relevant case studies and completed knowledge tests to assess their understanding of the topic, scoring an average of 60 percent correct on pre-seminar knowledge tests. CGS lecturers received high marks (4.9 out of 5) on post-seminar evaluations, indicating a high level of satisfaction with the material presented.

Weekly Update: Asia

China In the latest of its biweekly series of public policy discussion forums, the Unirule Institute of Economics led a discussion about public governance in China. Unirule presented its Open Government Initiative project and its Public Governance Index project, both of which are supported by Unirule’s partnership with CIPE. At this session, the state of public governance in China was discussed, and these two programs were presented as innovative and unique initiatives to improve governance in the country.

Weekly Update: Africa

Kenya CIPE and the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) jointly hosted a four-day workshop for 15 participants representing three Kenyan civil society organizations (CSOs) entitled "Promoting Transparency and Accountability in County Governments." The workshop focused on topics such as advanced advocacy techniques, best practices for public-private dialogue, communications and media strategy development, as well as the role of CSOs in combating corruption.


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