The Private Sector’s Role in Combating Corrosive Capital in Central Europe

9.20.2021, 9:00AM

Corrosive capital from countries such as Russia and China erodes democratic norms and undercuts prosperity by preying upon regulatory and governance gaps in the public and private sectors of recipient countries.

While there is a growing body of research on how national governments and the European Union should address corrosive capital in Europe, there is less focus on the crucial role that the private sector can play in conjunction with civil society and the public sector in combating corrosive capital, strengthening democratic governance, and attracting constructive capital investments.

Please join CIPE and its partner, the Central European Institute of Asian Studies (CEIAS), for an on-the-record, virtual discussion on combating authoritarian corrosive capital in Central and Eastern Europe. This event featured the authors of a new CEIAS papers series focused on case studies of corrosive capital in Central and Southeast Europe. The speakers provided recommendations for how the private sector can play a unique leadership role in combating corrosive capital and supporting strengthened democratic governance domestically.

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