Recruiting Members

Members join associations and voluntarily invest their money by payment of dues in exchange for a perceived value from the organization. But what is it exactly that people consider value? There are probably as many answers to that question as there are association members, however it is possible to identify certain motives for membership investments. The list below highlights some of the most common reasons for joining an association. Take some time to evaluate whether your programs provide members with these motivational desires. Your membership literature should also appeal to potential members using many of these elements:

  • Professional and personal recognition
  • Monetary gains from contact with new customers, clients, or allies
  • Personal ambitions to accomplish individual goals
  • Networking opportunities with other business associates
  • Educational programs
  • Corporate and personal image improvement
  • Industry or community involvement
  • Valuable information sources
  • Personal and professional growth and development
  • Political contacts
  • Pro-business participation in government
  • Projects that improve the community or the industry
  • Publications
  • Services and benefits such as health or liability insurance
  • Latest technology information
  • Social functions