The responsibilities of the membership and development services team for business membership organizations include recording membership, creating products and services of interest to members, creating and implementing dues structures, and keeping track of retention rates. To build and sustain both high membership recruitment and retention rates, business associations and chambers of commerce must have an effective means for organizing communication with their members, such as using ICT tools.

The following free and low-cost tools can help your organization’s membership development and services:

  • CiviCRM is a free tool useful for tracking, organizing, and retaining members more effectively.
  • Dropbox is a secure, cloud-based storage space. Free up to 2GB of space.
  • MailChimp is a mass e-mailing platform for campaigns/e-newsletters. Free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.
  • MemberLeap is a comprehensive management software for associations, NGOs and other member based organizations. Based on your needs and size of association there are several different package offers. The online software system includes a member management, website content management, web hosting, communication options over email, event management, fundraising options, education modules, mobile application and it can be interlinked with a QuickBooks account.
  • NeonCRM is a fully cloud based CRM system for nonprofits that requires no software download. The system includes features for e-commerce, member management, staff users, fundraising, events, website integration, email communications and can be synced to a QuickBooks account. The system allows you to keep track of databases and trends pertained to your association or organization.
  • Techsoup Global offers Microsoft related software at low prices for registered non-profits.
  • Volgistics is a low cost online tool to manage volunteer information, attendance and scheduling (for events etc.). It allows your volunteers access to certain parts of the software so they can sign up for events and log their volunteer hours.