Financial Manager

Proper financial management is not optional. ¬†While the board of directors and Chief Staff Officer have oversight roles regarding an organization’s finances, it is the Financial Manager’s main duty to ensure that assets are protected, operations are profitable, and that financial information is factual and available upon request.

The quickest way to destroy an association is to have a financial scandal. Even though accounting is tedious, the CSO and financial manager must make certain that all funds received and disbursed are utilized for the purposes intended by the board of directors and the members. When dealing with other people’s money, every dollar, ruble, yen, fran, rand, dinar, and pound must be spent wisely and be accounted for mathematically on paper.

What you will find here

The information contained in this portion of VBA is meant to help managers identify the important questions the accounting staff must be able to answer and tools for doing so, including financial statements, accounting methods, and more.