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Welcome to the Virtual Business Association

In democratic, market-driven economies, business associations are playing essential roles in determining how people make a living. Governed by volunteer leaders and operated by professional managers, these organizations have become necessary elements in improving the economic, political, and social fabric of the global marketplace. Their group actions are enabling ordinary people to have extraordinary opportunities and the freedom to decide what is best for themselves and their part of the world.

This resource is a composition of valuable information for improving the capacity and functionality of non-governmental business membership organizations such as business associations or chambers of commerce.  Among the information provided here, you will find ideas, sample documents, and resources that represent best practices in managing the various departments and overall structure of these vital organizations.

Get started by taking a moment to complete the optional Self-Diagnostic Survey, which will help identify the strengths of your organization as well as places where more attention may be needed.  The survey assesses ten criteria that relate to organizational structure, governance, and operations.  Each criterion has it’s own set of factors that contribute to the overall state of the subject.  After completing the survey, feel free to browse the pages of VBA to find resources and tools that can help your organization grow and achieve its objectives!