Toni Weis

Senior Program Officer, Africa
Expertise: Africa

Toni Weis is the Senior Program Officer on CIPE’s Africa team, where he oversees a portfolio of projects on collective action in the business sphere. In this capacity, he helps private-sector organizations from Ethiopia to Senegal to organize effectively and advocate convincingly, enabling them and their members to break down market barriers, reduce insecurity, and improve democratic governance.

In addition, Weis is also an adjunct faculty member at Johns Hopkins University (SAIS), where he teaches on state-business relations in Africa and a research associate at the University of Oxford’s Global Economic Governance Program. Prior to joining CIPE, he worked as an independent consultant for the World Bank, risk analysis firms, and private investors.

Weis holds a Ph.D. in Politics and an MSc in African Studies from the University of Oxford, as well as an MA in International Relations from Sciences Po in Paris. His work has been published in Foreign Affairs, Africa Confidential, and a number of academic books and journals. Follow Toni on Twitter.