Randa Al-Zoghbi

Program Director, Egypt

Randa Al-Zoghbi is the Program Director for Egypt at the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE). She has worked at CIPE for 20 years building the institutional capacity and governance structures of business associations, chambers of commerce, industries, and think tanks. Al-Zoghbi’s work is centered on building the foundations of a functioning market economy in transitional and emerging markets through an integrated approach. She does so by focusing on anti-corruption, corporate governance for family-owned businesses, entrepreneurship and civic education, bridging knowledge deficit through an Arabic online communication program, building coalitions to better advocate for market-oriented policy reforms, and establishing channels of communication with policymakers. She has provided technical support to more than 50 organizations in Egypt and the MENA region on a wide range of reform issues as well as on the design, implementation, and monitoring of programs.

Prior to working for CIPE, Al-Zoghbi worked for more than 15 years in international and regional organizations, such as the League of Arab States, the US-Saudi Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation, and the Social Fund for Development.