Osman Cakiroglu

Project Director, LIFE Program

Osman Cakiroglu is the Project Director of the Livelihoods Innovation through Food Entrepreneurship (LIFE) project based in Istanbul, Turkey. Cakiroglu brings a wealth of experience working with refugees and entrepreneurship. He is also a career development trainer for Syrian refugees at Midad Foundation, a selection committee member at Lonca Startup Incubator, and an entrepreneurship mentor at Qatar Foundation WISE Program and SEPLAA Foundation ICX. From 2016 to 2017, Cakiroglu was responsible for launching two employment-focused education programs with Kiron Open Higher Education in Istanbul. Prior to his work with Kiron, Cakiroglu served as the Regional Education Trade Commissioner at the Consulate of Canada in Turkey, and before that as the Agricultural Marketing Specialist at the US Consulate, working closely with the USDA. He graduated from Babson College with a BSc in Business Administration, and an MBA in International Management from the International University of Japan.