Ikram Ben Hassine

Project Coordinator, Tunisia

Ikram Ben Hassine is the Project Coordinator for the Supporting Good Governance in Healthcare Administration (SAHA) project. She is based in Tunis, Tunisia. Before joining CIPE, Ikram accrued valuable experience in the private sector and civil society. After obtaining her master’s degree in economic analysis from the Carthage High Commercial Studies Institute, she worked for the Tunisian subsidiary of a Canadian franchise broker. After this, she spent four years at Vynd, a Tunisian startup that developed a restaurant review app. She held several positions at Vynd, finishing her time there as finance, HR, and administration manager. In addition to her professional work, Ikram also has more than ten years of experience in civil society organizations; currently, she is responsible for international cultural exchanges with the Cultural Club Ali Belhouane in Tunis. Ikram was a professional handball player, and she now enjoys playing soccer. She also loves spending time playing video games and walking her dog.