Research To Support Women’s Economic Empowerment

03.23.2023 | Articles | Connie Gonzalez, Sahra Rajani

The Center for Women’s Economic Empowerment (CWEE) at CIPE advances gender equality in emerging markets to build more inclusive, thriving economies and democracies that deliver for all citizens. This brief outlines how CIPE supports women’s economic empowerment (WEE) by partnering with institutions to research key questions on the barriers to women’s participation in the economy. This list includes examples of recent CIPE research and surveying and presents areas of interest for future research, project, and policy exploration.


According to the 2022 Global Gender Gap report, it will take 132 years to close the Global Gender Gap . Closing the gender gap has the potential to “unleash an additional contribution of $5.3 trillion to global GDP, increasing economic security and prosperity for all” according to the Women’s Economic Security Strategy . CIPE contributes to closing the gender gap by researching the main challenges to women’s economic participation around the world. As stated in the United States Government’s National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality, “Adequate collection of gender data is critical to establishing a baseline against which agencies can rigorously measure progress on identified priorities.” CWEE has worked in partnership with different organizations around the world to collect data through reports, surveys, and studies.