Provincial Business Agendas – Afghanistan

05.04.2016 | Guides & Tools

The findings contained in the Provincial Business Agendas (PBA) for Kandahar, Balkh, Heart, and Nangarhar reflect the views of the Afghan businesspeople who participated in the PBA summit meetings held in each region. The views, opinions, and recommendations expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect the views of CIPE. CIPE’s principal role in the PBA process was to assist the local business community with organizing the initiative and summit meeting and with compiling and producing the final report.

What is a Business Agenda?

A Business Agenda (BA) is an advocacy tool created by the business community in a given country, province, or subnational region to improve the commercial environment in which businesses operate. They can address an individual industrial sector, or they can apply more broadly across multiple business sectors. The main purpose of a BA is to identify laws and regulations that hinder business activity and thwart economic growth and job creation, as well as highlighting other obstacles, challenges, and deficiencies in the business climate that require some type of government action to rectify the situation. Most importantly, a BA must offer concrete, realistic and achievable policy recommendations and specific legislative or regulatory reforms to remove these barriers and to improve the business climate.

The key element of a BA is the active participation of the business community in formulating its contents and then advocating effectively for the implementation of its recommendations. The BA enables businesses from across the country to formulate and to articulate the challenges they face and their policy needs in a democratic way. It offers a mechanism that can be used to approach relevant officials and policy makers in line ministries, provincial government offices, and parliament to inform them of the challenges facing the country’s businesses and to promote sensible reforms to remove those barriers. Because of the proactive outreach and consultative nature of the BA process, the recommendations contained therein have demonstrable and persuasive credibility with policymakers and other government officials.