The 2021 State of American Business

01.13.2021 | CIPE in News

State of American Business Event

Over the past year, our country has been challenged in ways few could have planned for — or even imagined. From our public health to our economy to our politics, the road to recovery starts with healing a divided America. The business community can and must rally our nation to overcome the pandemic and drive a widespread economic recovery. Watch the 2021 State of American Business Event where we rally our nation around a series of solutions to overcome the pandemic, drive a widespread economic recovery, and build back stronger for the future.

CIPE is proud to have led a special discussion about the role of the business community in strengthening democracy. CIPE Chairman Greg Lebedev moderated the discussion along with CIPE Executive Director Andrew Wilson, and The Business Council’s Executive Director Marlene Colucci. This discussion can be viewed from 54:40 – 1:13:09.


Neil Bradley, U.S. Chamber of Commerce EVP and Chief Policy Officer



Greg Lebedev, CIPE Chairman (Moderator)

Andrew Wilson, CIPE Executive Director

Marlene M. Colucci, The Business Council EVP

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