Middle East and North Africa Flyer

12.31.2015 | Regional & General Flyers

Regional Overview

For most of the Middle East and North Africa region, the initial hope and optimism of the Arab Spring transitions has faded, with the notable exception of Tunisia, as the countries with the most promising transitions stalled or reversed course in their attempts to form democratic societies.

CIPE is committed to continuing to support its democratic partners in the region to help them weather this period of chaos and instability and play a leading role in building democratic institutions, now and in the future. CIPE supports reform-oriented private sector actors to influence the trajectory of transitions in their respective countries. CIPE strengthens the capacity of business associations and chambers to serve as the voice of the private sector in policymaking. CIPE helps improve governance by fostering transparency and accountability in the public and private sectors, and works with local partners to increase support for, and understanding of, the freedoms, rights, and responsibilities essential to market-oriented democracies.