Latin America and the Caribbean Flyer

12.31.2015 | Regional & General Flyers

Regional Overview

Latin America and the Caribbean is a region divided politically and economically, with one group of countries subscribing to global competitiveness and adherence to democratic principles, and another group characterized by authoritarian tendencies and increasing government control of the economy, media, and civil society. Across both camps, weak institutions generally prevent governments from providing adequate accountability for its use of public resources. High levels of public dissatisfaction serve as a reminder that challenges to democracy are constant and consolidated democracy is not guaranteed even in countries that seek to be competitive and adhere to democratic principles. In this context, CIPE and its partners are bolstering democracy through programs that improve both the internal functioning and public image of private sector associations, foster the role of think tanks in the economic policy-making process, develop entrepreneurship and leadership skills among youth, and cultivate private sector-led solutions to corruption and citizen insecurity.