CIPE’s Eric Hontz Interviewed for VOA on Ukraine-China Relations

08.30.2019 | CIPE in News

China’s Motor Sich sale harms Ukraine’s national interests and its defense market – US experts

In a recent segment on Voice of America’s Ukraine service CIPE Senior Program Officer Eric Hontz notes that the sale of a leading aerospace firm to a Chinese investor with an opaque holding structure might not be in the best interest of Ukraine’s security and its medium-term national competitiveness. The Chinese investor appeared to be primarily interested in exploiting the company’s existing intellectual property and advanced manufacturing know-how rather than a long-term partnership that would be beneficial to the company and Ukraine. Hontz also noted that Motor Sich management seemed tone-deaf to the western political and economic trends of Ukraine in the last five years and that management’s unwillingness to commit the company to more transparency had discouraged potential Western partners.


Watch the full interview: