CIPE to Host Sessions at UN Internet Governance Forum

12.01.2021 | Statement/News Release | CIPE

On December 7 and 8, CIPE Global will host three sessions at the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (UN IGF).

The UN IGF is a global forum that serves to bring people together from various stakeholder groups, in discussions on public policy issues relating to internet governance.

The first session, hosted by CIPE, NDI, and CIMA, titled “Level Up: Methods for Localizing Digital Policy and Norms,” will take place on Tuesday December 7 from 9:45 AM EST to 10:45 AM EST. This session will directly address the challenges and opportunities associated with how global policies and norms are implemented and interpreted at the national level.

In addition, there will also be a networking session hosted by CIPE, NDI, and CIMA titled “Connecting Democracy and Internet Governance Advocates,” on Tuesday December 7 at 6:45 AM EST to 7:45 AM EST.

Finally, CIPE Global will host a session titled “Forging Trust in the Digital Economy: A Consumer Perspective,” on Wednesday December 8 at 7:50 AM EST to 8:50 AM EST. It will focus on how inclusive policy discussions around digital economy regulatory frameworks can foster a trustworthy online environment.

To participate in these sessions, please register for UN IGF here.