CIPE News Brief

04.13.2020 | CIPE in News | Andrew Wilson

News and Updates from Executive Director Andrew Wilson

CIPE and Global Partners Respond to COVID-19

From Kenya and Egypt to Ukraine and Mexico: Learn how we are moving quickly to make things better in communities all over the world and map out post-pandemic recoveries.




Analyzing Chinese Investments in Southeast Asia

Amid concerns about a surge in “corrosive capital” related to COVID-19, CIPE, Rhodium Group, and partners just released a series of groundbreaking new reports on the impact of Chinese investments in six Southeast Asian countries, as well as steps countries can take to mitigate risk.





How Will We Know When It’s Over

CIPE Chairman Greg Lebedev offers insights on the potential long-term economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in this new Diplomatic Courier article entitled How Will We Know When It’s Over?