CIPE Expert Interviewed on Lessons Learned from Russia

05.25.2022 | CIPE in News | Jeff Lightfoot |

What does the crisis caused by Russia teach us and what will the world look like after the war?

“The world is facing several simultaneous crises. However, the lack of trust that people, regardless of the country in which they live, have in the politicians who should represent them is becoming more and more pronounced. Democracies are the hardest hit, because the way in which free world leaders make decisions, that is, democratically, is perceived by the public as rather weak. By comparison, the autocrats are strengthening their image as powerful people fighting for the good of the people, whatever that may be. What do politicians who care about democracy have to do to get back in touch with citizens who have expectations of them and feel disappointed? Jeff Lightfoot, Program Director for Europe at one of the largest think tanks in the United States, Center for International Private Enterprises (CIPE), explains in an interview for Digi24 what is to be learned from Russia’s war against Ukraine.”

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