Africa Flyer

12.31.2015 | Regional & General Flyers

Regional Overview

Uneven economic and political freedom across subSaharan Africa speaks to the region’s diversity. Many countries are experiencing an economic upswing, but slow democratic development threatens greater and sustained growth and improved quality of life for Africa’s citizens.In other countries, existing democratic institutions are threatened by economic uncertainty.

CIPE has worked with the private sector (especially micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises) in Africa over the last 30 years through business associations, think tanks, women’s organizations, and youth-centered programs. These partners work with CIPE to strengthen democracy by engaging governments on transparency, the businessenabling environment, accountability, the rule of law, and initiatives to combat corruption.

Through dialogue, collective action, and collaboration with government and civil society, the private sector is helping to build the institutions that will allow democracy to flourish.