2012 Youth Empowerment Winner

Taufan Hidayatullah (Indonesia)

From the cartoonist: I have a huge interest in social matters, and it draws me to work with non-government organizations, such as the Bandung Institute of Governance Studies (BIGS), where I have served as a board member since 2002 and also worked as a designer. Besides that, from time to time I support Bujet magazine, a magazine about budget transparency and governance policy. With these organizations, I interact with every part of society, such as teachers, bureaucrats, community builders, social workers, and legislators. I have worked as a cartoonist since high school. Some of my work, gag and political cartoons, was published in local newspapers. My career as a cartoonist continued as I worked at the Metro Bandung newspaper.
A cartoon is a borderless world. In presenting a reality, a cartoon can be a medium to convey opinions freely and critically.
Please describe the idea behind your cartoon: The idea about Youth Empowerment comes from my reflection about the incident “Reformation 1998” that happened in our country, Indonesia. At that time, the young generation and students all over the country led a reform movement at the national scale to end the corrupt regime of Suharto, who had ruled for over 32 years. I am an optimist when it comes to good education, so the younger generation will understand the importance of behavior that is free from corruption. To me, the tyranny that needs to be broken is corruption. The hope lies in the younger generation.