2012 Entrepreneurship Winner

Rocío Martínez Jiménez (Spain)

From the cartoonist: Since my childhood, I have been interested in drawing, design, in art. I have studied in different countries and I was amazed at how different artists could express themselves through their artistic skills, even if they did not know the language. So I decided to start my career in graphic design to express myself as great artists do. Cartoons can express feelings, sensations, and knowledge that everyone could understand without knowing different languages. Cartoons can tell us a story just with an image.

When I saw the announcement of the CIPE’s Global Editorial Cartoon Competition in a youth newsletter, I thought, “Why not design a cartoon that can express what is in my mind?” Designing a cartoon for Entrepreneurship category was a big challenge because I should describe what it meant for everyone [regardless of language].

Please describe the idea behind your cartoon: To design my cartoon, I thought of the necessary values for Entrepreneurship. Finally, I chose the gear as the value of team work and cooperation. Teamwork can be an easier way to get everything we want because it is a work of many. Furthermore, this work, the gear, moves and makes the world turn to fruit, a result.