Democracy that Delivers #337: How “Islands of Integrity” can Kickstart Anti-Corruption Efforts with Grzegorz Makowski

08.10.2022 | Anna Kompanek |

Grzegorz Makowski, former Public Integrity Forum Director and current Ideas Forum expert at the Batory Foundation, joins to talk about procurement processes, international dialogue, and integrity in the latest episode of the Anti-Corruption & Governance Center podcast. Makowski draws from his experience examining the logging and rail industries, to discuss how small, positive changesin transparency can have a cascading effect in countering corruption. He also offers insight into the roles that civil societies and non-profits can play in forming “integrity pacts.” Anna Kompanek, Director of Global Programs at CIPE, hosts the episode.

Relevant Links:

The Integrity Pact. A Civil Society Monitoring of Public Projects, An Overview of the Investment and the Pilot Project

The Integrity Pact – or Citizens in Tenders

The Integrity Pact. A Civil Society Monitoring of Public Projects, Designing an Integrity Pact and the Contractor Selection

Extreme Participation: Citizens’ Involvement in Public Procurement Decisions. The Example of Piloting Integrity Pacts in the European Union

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