Democracy That Delivers #290: Women and Girls Empowered – Grameen Foundation

Ken Jaques |

Democracy that Delivers picks up the “Women and Girls Empowered” (WAGE) mini-series where the opening episode left off, spotlighting the women’s empowerment projects of the core partners of WAGE. In the second of these four episodes, our host Ken Jaques is joined by Grameen Foundation representatives Bobbi Gray, Research Director, and Amelia Kuklewicz, Regional Director for Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia. They bring us updates on Grameen’s projects like the Reducing Barriers Initiative (RBI) and the Resilient Life Resilient Business (RLRB) Curriculum, which address women’s needs as entrepreneurs but also as holistic individuals facing broad systems of legal barriers, social norms, corruption, and gender based violence.

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Published Date: October 19, 2021