Democracy that Delivers #282: Greenwashing or ESG? Making Business Ethics More than Marketing with Tariq Fancy, CEO of The Rumie Initiative

Tariq Fancy, Founder and CEO of The Rumie Initiative, joins the latest podcast from CIPE’s Anti-Corruption & Governance Center (ACGC) to take a hard look at the perverse incentives poisoning the growth of ESG (or Environment, Social, and Governance) investing. Fancy, who is the former Chief Investment Officer for Sustainable Investing at Blackrock, gives an insider’s look at the rapidly growing world of sustainable corporate finance and the unhealthy placebo effect that unregulated “ESG” labels are having on global markets. Listen now to hear Tariq lay out what government regulators and civil society organizations can do about it and why better rules and referees are needed for ESG to encourage businesses to do the right thing. Fancy is joined by Europe & Eurasia Deputy Regional Director Eric Hontz and ACGC Program Officer Michele Crymes.

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Published Date: September 09, 2021