Democracy That Delivers #278: Co-regulating the Indonesian Digital Economy with Thomas Dewaranu, Researcher at the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS)

08.24.2021 | Ken Jaques, Adam Sachs |

On this episode of Democracy that Delivers, our host Ken Jaques is joined by co-host Adam Sachs from CIPE’s Global Team and Thomas Dewaranu, a researcher at the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS). CIPE partnered with CIPS to engage in a digital economy advocacy pilot that examines the country’s digital economy environment via interviews, public-private dialogues, and other awareness-raising activities. Thomas Dewaranu shares research recommendations that are captured in a policy paper titled, “Co-regulating the Indonesian Digital Economy”. One key takeaway from the report is to follow a co-regulation approach that relies on collaboration between government and private sector actors to foster a cooperative approach to regulatory design, implementation, and enforcement of digital laws.


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