Democracy That Delivers #232: Business Integrity in Time of Crisis and Beyond

In this podcast we are joined by Katya Lysova, Program Officer for Europe and Eurasia, and Michele Crymes, Program Officer for the Anti-Corruption and Governance Center, to discuss CIPE’s new business integrity guide.

This new guide has been written to support business integrity and ethics in emerging markets. Titled “Strengthening Ethical Conduct & Business Integrity: A Guide for Companies in Emerging Markets,” this new publication highlights a decade of lessons learned by CIPE and its private sector partners around the world promoting ethical business practices among small and medium-sized businesses.

The guide can help companies in emerging markets in three main ways:

1) Make company leaders confident that behaving ethically will not put their company at a disadvantage compared to competitors that continue unethical, “business as usual” practices.
2) Equip individuals who champion business integrity within their company with better guidance on how to implement a business integrity program.
3) Offer practical suggestions to interested business leaders who are still at an early or exploratory phase in their approach to business integrity.

Read the guide here.

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Published Date: November 12, 2020