Democracy That Delivers #193: Carolina Acosta on GATF’s Successful Trade Facilitation Project in Colombia

03.17.2020 | Florent Bakija, Ken Jaques |
Host Ken Jaques, guest Carolina Acosta, and co-host Florent Bakija

This week, Carolina Acosta, Regional Representative for the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (GATF), joins host Ken Jaques and co-host Florent Bakija, Program Officer for GATF. They discuss how trade facilitation can help developing countries like Colombia save millions every year (approx $14.3 million) if the Trade Facilitation Agreement is implemented. They also highlight how the work in Colombia has been a huge success, and how the project can be replicated in countries around the world. The harmonization of customs procedures is a huge opportunity for business and authorities, says Carolina Acosta.

Read the full case study of GATF (and CIPE’s) work in Colombia on this project with partner INVIMA:

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