Democracy That Delivers #189 – Syeed Ahamed on Youth Leadership Development in Bangladesh

02.20.2020 |
Guest Syeed Ahamed.


Syeed Ahamed is a public policy analyst and CEO of the public policy think-tank— Institute of Informatics and Development (IID) that aims to make policy public.

Last year, CIPE began the first of a multi-phase program with IID. In the first phase, CIPE and IID selected 101 young people through an intensely competitive process to participate in this program. IID ensured participants represented diverse communities as well as local leadership from existing youth clubs, thereby maximizing the reach and impact of the program.

This year’s program focuses on invigorating the post-election reform agenda by giving a voice to young people from across the country and ensuring that national-level reformers are responsive to the concerns of youth.

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