Democracy That Delivers #178: Randall Kempner on ANDE’s Strategy for the Next Decade

11.14.2019 | Kim Eric Bettcher |
To the right, Randall Kempner. To the left, Kim Bettcher.

We are joined this week by Randall Kempner, Executive Director of the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, also known as ANDE. He and CIPE’s Director of Knowledge Management, Kim Bettcher, discuss ANDE’s strategy over the past decade since its founding in 2009, and what its new strategy will be in the next decade.

“What I and my team want to make sure, is that those people that are supporting entrepreneurs are benefiting from the best practice, the best knowledge and the connections so they are more effective at what they do, and then we want the world to embrace small and growing businesses as a tool to support the development and attainment of the sustainable development goals,” says Randall Kempner about ANDE’s goal.

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