Democracy That Delivers #171: Why Trade Matters with Jose Raul Perales

09.17.2019 | José Raúl Perales, Ken Jaques |

In this week’s Democracy That Delivers, we are joined by José Raúl Perales, Deputy Director of the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (GATF) at CIPE. Perales and host Ken Jaques discuss the beginnings of GATF’s work with CIPE, and how trade and the private sector can work better together. They also discuss the first project the team at CIPE has closed out, and the great successes that have come out of it in Colombia:

“It was a relatively small project, but the impact in monetary terms is 900% the investment that was made to implement the system.”

Jose Raul Perales recently did a CIPE Insights video interview about some more projects GATF is currently working on. Check it out:

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