Democracy That Delivers #162: The DNA of Democracy with Author Richard C. Lyons

06.25.2019 | Ken Jaques |


This week on Democracy That Delivers, we are joined remotely by author Richard C. Lyons. Lyons has been involved in printing, publishing, stage and television production throughout his professional career. His most recent work, “The DNA of Democracy,” takes a historical look at the evolution of democracy through short essays differentiating distinct time periods. With host Ken Jaques, he discusses some valuable points about the current state of democracy, as well as what part independent businesses and corporations play in a democracy.

The DNA of Democracy” is volume 1 of a 2 volume work. Volume 2, “The Shadows of the Acropolis“, is forthcoming in 2020.

To learn more about the book and other works by Richard C. Lyons, please visit “The DNA of Democracy” can be found wherever books are sold.



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