Democracy That Delivers #160: Dr. Bijan Khajehpour on Sanctions on Iran and its Effect on The Private Sector

06.11.2019 | Ken Jaques, Babak Yektafar |


From right to left: Host Ken Jaques, co-host Babak Yektafar, and guest Bijan Khajehpour.


Dr. Bijan Khajehpour is the managing partner of Eurasian Nexus Partners (Eunepa) – a Vienna-based strategy consulting firm. He has advised international companies on West Asian markets for more than two decades. He has also been involved in mediation and negotiations of international business and investment partnerships.

In this Democracy That Delivers podcast, along with Babak Yektafar, CIPE Senior Program Officer for MENA, he discusses the issue of corrupt networks in Iran, and how that affects the country’s population and harm the private sector.

“In the name of sanctions, all types of corrupt businesses are happening. It’s undermining the Iranian economy, it’s undermining the private sector, and it’s consolidating forces that are not constructive for Iran or for the region. It creates channels of goods and money that are hurting the regional economy.”

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