Democracy that Delivers #154: Promoting Responsible Economic Policies in Serbia

04.30.2019 | Ken Jaques, Connor Leach |


On the right: CIPE Program Assistant for Europe, Connor Leach. On the left: CIPE Partner and FEDN member, Rastko Petakovich.

On this week’s Democracy That Delivers, Ken Jaques is joined by CIPE Program Assistant for Europe, Connor Leach, and special guest, Rastko Petakovic. Petakovic is a Senior Partner at Karanovic Partners specializing in M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions), competition law, and business regulation. Petakovic is also a member of CIPE’s Free Enterprise and Democracy Network (FEDN) in Serbia.

Since 2018, CIPE has been working with Libertarian Club Libek (LIBEK), an independent Serbian economic think tank, to enhance public awareness of common economic misconceptions in Serbia by creating a guidebook that examines the underlying economic challenges and puts forward a series of corresponding recommendations. Moving forward, CIPE and its partners will continue their efforts to promote responsible economic policies in Serbia through an enhanced outreach campaign, including on a newly created portal for economic news analysis.

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