Democracy That Delivers #152: Farhat Popal of the Bush Institute: Empowering MENA Women to Lead in Expanding Economic Opportunity

04.16.2019 | Ken Jaques, Greg Simpson |
Training with WE Lead Bush Institute Fellows, led by Kim Bettcher.

In this Democracy That Delivers episode, we are joined remotely by Farhat Popal, Senior Program Manager of the Women’s Initiative at the George W. Bush Institute.

The George W. Bush Institute WE Lead program equips women from the Middle East, North Africa, and Afghanistan with the skills to become more effective leaders. The WE Lead program advances the role of women leaders who are increasing economic opportunity in their countries. The Bush Institute sought CIPE’s expertise to design and deliver the program’s curriculum on institutional reform and economic empowerment. The training was led by CIPE Director of Knowledge Management Kim Bettcher, and CIPE Program Officer for MENA Pamela Beecroft.

Popal discusses the state of women’s empowerment in the region and how the Bush Institute’s experience with leadership education in the U.S. and globally informed its design of the program.

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