Democracy That Delivers #137: Impact Investing and What it Means for International NGOs

12.07.2018 | Ken Jaques, Marc Schleifer |
From right to left: host Ken Jaques, guest host Marc Schleifer, guest Tom Dente, and guest Stephanie Turpin.


This week on Democracy That Delivers, host Ken Jaques and guest host Marc Schleifer are joined by two guests known for their thought leadership in Impact Investing for a discussion on a recently published report developed in partnership with CIPE. Stephanie Marienau Turpin, Associate Director of Strategic Partnerships at FHI360, and Tom Dente, President and CEO of Humentum, bring in their expertise to highlight the influence INGOs have through the emerging practice of Impact Investing, a new form of investment with the goal of yielding social return in addition to financial.

Following the first innovative Amplify report, the recently published second iteration, titled Amplifyii: The Next Mile of Impact Investing for INGOs, expands on the role and influence that INGOs have had in Impact Investing. Turpin and Dente also discuss the emerging involvement of the global market in this unique investing model, thinking differently about driving long-term impact, and how this practice may be the most viable solution to reach the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Amplifyii is a joint effort of more than 55 international nongovernmental organizations working together to bring the scale, skills, and resources of the international social sector to amplify the impact of impact investing. Read the full report here.

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