Democracy That Delivers #136: Jonathan Rusch on Moral Ambition and Corporate Ethics

12.04.2018 | Ken Jaques, Frank Brown |
From right to left: host Ken Jaques, guest Jonathan Rusch, and co-host Frank Brown.


This week on Democracy That Delivers, host Ken Jaques is joined by Frank Brown, CIPE’s Director for the Anti-Corruption and Governance Center (ACGC), and guest Jonathan Rusch, lawyer, consultant on corporate-compliance issues, and Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University Law Center. Rusch is also the editor of Dipping Through Geometries, a blog focusing on law and compliance issues, and the retired Senior Vice President and Head of Anti-Bribery & Corruption Governance at Wells Fargo.

In this special episode, Rusch discusses how organizations, corporations, governments and leaders can achieve a culture of compliance. He also shares his insight on the four steps to moral ambition:

  1. compliance
  2. moral understanding
  3. moral maturity
  4. moral ambition

This special Democracy that Delivers podcast is part of an ongoing series organized by CIPE’s Anti-Corruption & Governance Center.


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