Democracy that Delivers #129: Ann Marie Plubell of EMPEA Visits CIPE Ahead of Sustainable Investing in Emerging Markets Summit

10.16.2018 | Eric Hontz, Ken Jaques |
From right to left: host Ken Jaques, guest host Eric Hontz, and guest Ann Marie Plubell

In this Democracy That Delivers podcast, host Ken Jaques is joined by guest Ann Marie Plubell, EMPEA (Emerging Markets Private Equity Association) Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, and guest host Eric Hontz, CIPE Program Officer for Europe and Eurasia. Ann Marie Plubell discusses the current investment climate in emerging markets, and highlights EMPEA’s approach to promoting the spread of healthy capital conducive to better markets that increase participation in the economy, and foster entrepreneurship.

Learn more about EMPEA’s upcoming event, ”Sustainable Investing in Emerging Markets”:



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