Democracy that Delivers #128: Nate Herman Shares Experience in Corporate Social Responsibility and Anti-Corruption Compliance at AAFA

10.10.2018 | Jeanne Cook, Ken Jaques |
From left to right: guest Nate Herman, guest host Jeanne Cook, and host Ken Jaques.


Nate Herman, Senior Vice President with the Supply Chain of the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), joins host Ken Jaques and guest host Jeanne Cook for a discussion of Herman’s work on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Much of the conversation was spent dissecting various supply chain issues, including the importance of the safety of the product, timely delivery of the product, the workforce environment and quality, as well as traceability.

Herman also emphasizes the three priorities driving AAFA members to become more active in social compliance and similar matters:

  • Legal liability, or complying with the law.
  • Brand reputation in a 24/7 media world. He says: “[Companies] need to be doing the right thing because consumers expect it”
  • The premise of doing the right thing: “Most companies want to do the right thing because it’s good for their business, and in the long-term, good for their bottom line.”

This special Democracy that Delivers podcast is part of an ongoing series organized by CIPE’s Anti-Corruption & Governance Center.



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