Democracy that Delivers #124: Shruti Shah Discusses the Development and Promotion of Ways to Combat Corruption

07.31.2018 | Anna Kompanek, Ken Jaques |
From left: guest host Anna Kompanek, with guest Shruti Shah and host Ken Jaques.

Shruti Shah, President and CEO of the Coalition for Integrity, discusses the growing demand for ethics & accountability around the world, and the role of the Coalition as they execute their mission.

Shah illustrates her lifelong commitment to fighting corruption, and elaborates on the Coalition’s mission to promote greater transparency and accountability, and looks forward at the positive changes to come in ethics, compliance and integrity programs.

Four important points laid out by Shah in regards to how organizations can set a good culture of compliance:

  1. Make sure there are (anonymous) reporting mechanisms
  2. Set good incentives and discourage bad incentives
  3. Ensure disciplinary measures
  4. Accountability

This special Democracy that Delivers podcast is part of an ongoing series organized by CIPE’s Anti-Corruption & Governance Center.

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