One-Year Anniversary of Declaration in Support of Democracy

05.31.2018 | Connor Leach
Protests in July 2017 in Warsaw, Poland over legislative action seen as limiting the independence of the judiciary. A sign in the crowd reads, “Free Courts, Free People.”

One year after the launch of the Declaration in support of democracy in Brussels, Belgium by CIPE, its partners, and local civil society leaders, concerning trends regarding the region’s democratic trajectory continue. In the face of such challenges, the voice of thought leaders calling for democratic reform is as critical as ever. Local civil society has played an important role in promoting reform and supporting democratic values in Central and Eastern Europe. In his podcast recorded earlier this year, Pavol Demes, Transatlantic Fellow at the German Marshall Fund describes the role of civil society in promoting democracy in the region. In an article published around the time of the launch of the Declaration, Andrew Wilson, Executive Director at CIPE, takes us further back in time, explaining how President’s Reagan’s call for a campaign for democracy remains relevant today.

Connor Leach is a Program Assistant for Europe at CIPE.